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    Default Server returns wrong video position

    Hi everyone,

    we wanted to switch from adobe flash media server to wowza, but now we stumpled upon a little problem.

    We need the videostreaming for our finisher-video service for sport events. It works like this:
    we have a video (length from 1 to 12 hours) and the timestamp of every participant finishing.
    Then on our portal the finisher can click "view video" and he can see himself finishing.

    This worked fine with adobe, but now with wowza there's the problem, taht the video is slightly too fast.
    That means, when we requesting the video an position 3600sec we actually get the video at position 3597
    It shifts around 3 seconds every hour, what makes us unable to use this, because the finisher can't see himself
    anymore in the video.

    My configuration is the sample vod configuration from the wowza website. We are streaming 360p@25fps mp4 (h.264) videos over rtmp
    to jwplayer.

    Got anyone of you a similar problem, or probably a solution for this?


    Here is a test URL:
    Video is: HLL_ST.mp4
    sample Delta: 6631

    The upper one is the right position (from the adobe streaming server)
    The lower one is streamed by wowza on the wrong position
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