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Thread: Modifying streammanager/index.html

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    Default Modifying streammanager/index.html

    Hi Guys

    I have a need to customise streammanager/index.html. I have several EC2 instances with perpetual licenses, and need to be able to give each an identity i.e. adding server name to the page.

    Can you point me at the right direction on doing it? I couldn't get to the location of the file.



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    You can create your own HTTP Provider and deliver whatever custom functionality you need.

    Here is a good starter for HTTP Provider:
    How to parse post or get variables in an HTTPProvider

    If you want to build your own version of the stream manager, the following post has some code that could get you started:
    MediaCasterStreamManager controls start stop record of RTP, MPEG-TS, and SHOUTcast

    Note: There has been updates to the MediaCaster API since the origination of the code added to the above post. See this article for an updated implementation for starting a RTP/MPEG-ts stream

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