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Thread: Need Flash video player advice please!

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    Question Need Flash video player advice please!

    Hi All,

    I'm currently tearing my hair out trying to select a flash player for use with my Wowza instance that has transcoder & nDVR enabled for live streams, and I also want it to be able to handle SMIL files stably for VOD. My workflow starts with Wirecast (720p 29.97fps, keyframed every 60 frames), goes into a Wowza server on a c1-xlarge EC2 instance, and then into my Highwinds CDN. I have configured Wowza as an HTTP Origin as per the documentation on this site, yet I still am having endless problems with the flash players I have tried. Here is what I've come across so far:

    OSMF FMP: DVR functionality does not work and this has been verified by a few different threads on these forums. Adaptive streaming works wonderfully.

    OSMF Strobe: All functionality works, but the algorithms used to switch between streams doesn't work very well. I have the following issues randomly: Endless buffering loop, staying at very low quality despite plenty of available bandwidth, getting buffering message while stream is still showing the highest quality stream, etc. The algorithms employed just seem to be garbage, especially in contrast to OSMF FMP, which I don't have nearly as many problems with. All-in-all a terrible end-user experience and I have verified these issues exist on my 100mbps downstream connection.

    JWPlayer: Doesn't support nDVR (WHAT?!?!)

    So I was going to try to crack open the source code for the Strobe player, but I'm not too confident in my capability to dive in there and redevelop the algorithms that run the switching rules for the adaptive streams (and not make them even worse). On top of that, how much time do I invest into the dying Flash video player when sites are moving over to HTML5? Does anyone have experience with the OSMF HTML5 player? What are you folks using for a Flash player in the time being and do you use it for SMIL/nDVR/Transcoder? What are your settings and/or what version of the player are you having success with and where did you get it?

    Any other pointers you could throw my way would be muchly appreciated!


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    FlowPlayer supports nDVR playback according to this page,

    I haven't tested it.


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    Thank you for the input Roger. I'll play around with it and see if it's a good catch all player.

    Does anyone use Strobe without issue for nDVR & Transcoded live streams? Would be interested to hear your experiences. The OSMF players seem to have been abandoned and the FMP player has deteriorated to the point where it cannot handle DVR. I would much rather go with one of them and have an open source player, but I fear how much time will be required to get either of them going up to snuff. If someone can confirm that they are completely satisfied with Strobe and maybe I'm just missing some configuration element or minor bit of programming to make it really tick for me, that would be very helpful.


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    I particularly abandoned Strobe due to lack of performance and errors handling nDVR. I gave up on it, and moved to JWPlayer. So far, it works fine for me. I know still doesn't support nDVR for live rewind (which I don't need though), but it is in their roadmap for this year though as per information they shared.

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