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    Default FTP error 425

    Until recently ( & for the past 1 1/2 year), I have been successfully using Sawmill to process my Wowza EC2 log files accessing my instances via FTP. Since about 2 weeks, whenever I try to update my databases, I receive the following ERROR message from Sawmill for all 3 running instances :
    Unexpected response from FTP server: 425 Failed to establish connection.
    Error occurred at: : ..\..\..\..\src\ftp_session.cpp:845 Error occurred in Salang at current_context:1

    I can however login to my instances via FTP using WinFTP without problems whatsoever

    To ensure that the problem did not come from the log files themselves, I have downloaded the log file to my local computer and Sawmill has no problem processing the log files from there

    I have reported the error to Sawmill & they say the following:
    the problem you are experiencing is probably caused by a network problem, something on your network preventing active ftp, or perhaps something at Amazon, accordingly we do not feel it is our responsibility...
    All my attempts to use Passive mode rather than Active have failed

    Other than security updates I have not made any changes to my 3 running instance & Sawmill failed to connect on all 3 running Wawza instances
    Could it be that recent security updates have changed any FTP permissions ?
    I would appreciate any pointers or suggestions on how I could solve this problem.

    Thank you in advance for your support

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    Sawmill does have this forum post about updating their database.
    Not totally sure if it's related, but may be something to try.


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    Hi Daren,
    Thanks, i had already seen these post but they don't adress the same error message and found nothing on Sawmill support Forum relating to Ftp Error 425

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    Hi! would you possibly have any other suggestions i can look at?

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