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Thread: iPhone working, iPad trouble... any ideas?

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    Default iPhone working, iPad trouble... any ideas?

    Ok, this is annoying the heck out of me. I've got an iPhone 3GS and 5 that this works fine with. But on my iPad2 I can't get it to play. Usually folks have the reverse problem (due usually to h.264 profile). It has to be something stupid that I didn't do or did wrong.

    Anyway, you can look at the stream at we're running some demos out of Wirecast right now. Running thru the transcoder on the wowza side and doing some simple client detection to direct to the proper player. For iPhone/iPad we're just sending to an HTML5 video tag. Shows up on iPhones but I can't click 'play' on my iPad.

    (btw, some of the content of that example may not be safe at work or offensive... It's a promo reel for the Rocky Horror Picture Show convention)


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    I don't know how it plays on iphone (I don't have one to test it on it), but the m3u8 URL of the code doesn't work. The manifest is empty, that's why IPAD doesn't give the option to play.
    Make sure you have Wowza configure to stream in HLS.
    Easiest way to test on IPAD is just type the m3u8 URL on the browser, and it will play if stream works. Once you have it working there, test the player

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    I think I see what is happening and it is easy to fix.

    In your source code, I can see that you are generating an html5 video tag. For some reason, iPad requires controls when using a video tag so adding controls to the tag should fix it.


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