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Thread: Wowza questions with my configurtion

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    Angry Wowza questions with my configurtion

    I am new here to the wowza software. Ive been webcasting audio for 4 years now using different methods. I stumbled across Wowza and believe it will server my purposes, but need some input.

    I want to be able to play prerecorded content, looping it through the day. But when I start a live broadcast I want it to play for the listeners.

    Currently I am using the trial version on Windows.(also having issues with that, I have opened all the ports but still cannot publish to the server)

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    Take a look at the Loop Until Live example. It does just what you describe


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    Ok, so I have that configured..I think. I have started wowza, shouldnt I be able to hear my looped file? Also, stupid question, but I have now connected with wirecast and am streaming. But I have no idea what the url would be for my player to point to? HELP!

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    If you have followed the directions in the LoopUntilLive example, the urls will be:

    server: rtmp://<wowza-ip>/live/ stream name: Stream1
    Apple HLS,
    Adobe HDS,
    The last 3 require LiveStreamPacketizers to be set in your Application.xml file.

    Please see the Tutorials for more information.


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