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Thread: Want to push HLS to CDN where source is IIS Smooth

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    Default Want to push HLS to CDN where source is IIS Smooth

    So far I love the product.

    I just want to share a scenario and ask the community if this might be possible.
    We have an internal corporate webcast solution with encoders that work with IIS Smoothstreaming to all our datacenters. We would like to push that stream to a CDN (Akamai) in two formats: HLS and Smooth where the origin would be IIS Smooth.

    AFAIK, that is not possible today with Wowza, source needs to be RTMP-type and push support is limited (IIS Smooth push is not supported)

    Does anyone of you guys know a way to solve my dilemma?


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    in this case, you have to configure Akamai to pull from the origin, instead of pushing to it.
    Akamai in particular has different way to receive streams in order to produce HLS and Smooth outputs. I'm sure they support RTMP for that. But in case they don't, you can ask them to pull from your IIS origin. I always like this option the most.

    I don't see in your ecosystem where Wowza fits in, unless I understood your setup wrongly.

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    Hi Tavius,
    Akamai does not support pull from origin when it comes to smooth streams, only for HLS streams.

    The reason why I looked at wowza where the ability to talk to several CDNs and therefore make the design somewhat future proof. But as the CDN addon does not work with smooth push I was just reaching out to get another opinion as I have no experience with wowza or other products.


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    I haven't worked with Akamai in a while, so I'm not up to date with their services. But I can tell you that I used to cache HLS with them way before they had it as a service.
    In other words, HLS, HDS and Smooth are all HTTP streaming method, but deliver small files or byte ranges over HTTP.
    Give it a try to cache through CDN Smooth content configuring digital properties for regular http caching with different cache-time based on URL and extension.
    I'm not saying it'd work, but something worth a try.

    Out of curiosity, how is Akamai receiving stream for providing Smooth output?

    In case you want to chat privately,

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