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Thread: Physical Memory not release after live feed destroyed

  1. Unhappy Physical Memory not release after live feed destroyed

    Hi All,

    It's very big problem.
    When i push any live feed on Wowza Media Server, Physical memory was increased
    and when i was destroyed live feed on Wowza, this memory was not released by Wowza.
    If I stop Wowza Media Server, Then it released Physical memory.

    Kindly Help me and give me better suggestion.

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    Is it causing problems with your stream? Are you receiving errors in the logs regarding heap space or otherwise? The VM will do garbage collection based on a variety of factors of which aren't necessarily dependent on a particular action (i.e. stream start/stop etc).

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    Hi matt_y,
    I have same problem with gupta.ravi0709, The heap memory not release after live feed destroyed,
    I have check the eror log in folder logs, but i see there're no eror_log here !

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    I'm working with a client who recently upgrade from WMS 2.x to the latest 3.6.3 build, and published streams seem to be exhibiting this issues as well, on CentOS + JRE 1.7 x64, 4 GB of physical RAM. The client wasn't experiencing any issues with WMS 2.x. I enabled the GC option in the as recommended by the tuning guide, and that seemed to helped on our first run of tests, but after two hours of a live event, the heap suddenly jumped and reached its maximum, crashing the server. Any thoughts?

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    In order to validate this, we need to take a look at the configuration and log statements covering the associated time frame. Please send an email to and include a copy of the [install-dir]/conf and /logs folders as a .zip file (or other archive) so we can take a closer look at your configuration and server activity.

    Please include a reference to this post.


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