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Thread: Android issue ... any idea ?

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    Default Android issue ... any idea ?

    I have a issue using all android devices,
    so very often just press play on streaming link in the android phone, then start to buffering and when reach 100% appear only black screen, no audio, no video, no errors .
    sometimes, press play then the buffer percentage reach 100% and working properly .
    just use explorer browser, my server version is 3.6.2 build 5334 completely tuned for RTSP stream . no problem using RTSP and VLC .
    I have try also change RTSP port 554 to 1935, but without result . I have bind 1935,554,80,443 ports .
    my encoding setting is :

    - H264 Baseline 3.0
    - sixe 480x320
    - 25 fps
    - 450 kbp/s
    - AAC 48khz 64kbp/s mono

    any idea ??

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    When you say some times it works and some times it doesn't work, are you testing on the same device or are you testing on different devices?


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    Hi Salvadore,
    To tell the truth I had the same doubt, so I tried several 3G operators and devices, and I noticed that the problem occurs with a particular 3G operator. since the problem started since I replaced a server I thought that the problem was mine. I'm having monitored the situation, but it seems a problem of the network 3G.



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    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the update, it's good to get this kind of feedback from our users.


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