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Thread: Problems installing load Test tool on EC2

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    Default Problems installing load Test tool on EC2

    I started an ec2 instance intended for load testing. I uploaded the load test tool .zip file and unzipped it.
    The instructions for installing the tool say to run the examples installer "" in the /examples directory. Wowza on EC2 does not have this folder.
    After doing everything else, the ./ command will not run. I get "permission denied". Using sudo to change to root user did not help.
    In past experience, this happens when the load test tool is not properly installed, so I do not know if this is really a permissions issue or a bad installation of the load test add-on.
    Is the missing examples folder installation the issue here?


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    The load test tool does not require the examples to work. It may be that the instructions say to run the examples install script to install the default applications, live & vod. I think EC2 has these installed by default anyway.

    You do have to run the ./ script as root user or using sudo. You also need to set the executable permission prior to running the command. Use sudo chmod +x ./

    From there, as long as the jar file is in the lib folder, the xml file is in the conf folder and configured according to the directions then it should work. If load testing using a live stream then you should have this published on the server being tested before the test commences.


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    That did it. Thanks!

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