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Thread: Amazon EC2 Server (running Wowza Media Server 3), Adobe FMLE (3 bitrates), JW Player

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    Default Amazon EC2 Server (running Wowza Media Server 3), Adobe FMLE (3 bitrates), JW Player


    We are a online school. We sell online courses. Our paid students can only see our video lessons up to three times each. We hired a developer to build us a video stream (live and VOD) solution. He built the system, but we need to improve. Unfortunately, we lost contact with him (that is why we need help).

    Our setup: Amazon EC2 Server (running Wowza Media Server 3), Adobe FMLE (3 bitrates), JW Player, Amazon S3 (storage).

    How it Works: we broadcast live our classes, sending the stream (3 bitrates) from Adobe FMLE to our Wowza server. Wowza handle the live stream and record the files. At the end of the broadcast session, Wowza send the result (3 files) to our Amazon S3 bucket, with the following names: “filename_1.mp4” (1.000kbps), “filename_2.mp4” (500kbps) and “filename_3.mp4” (200kbps).

    Our JW Player is located on our server and offers the users (our students) the possibility to choose the bitrate compatible with their speed connection. For iOS users, the player work OK too (although not offering multiple bitrates, which is not a problem).

    Both for live stream and for VOD, we embed the JW Player on our Wordpress website using iFrame.

    The bad thing is that iFrame system allows users to get the URL from the code behind the page and see our videos from our own server, how many times they want (which is against our rules).

    So we tried the JW Player WordPress Plugin. The developer configured it (wowza token, multiple bitrates etc), and it is working good. I tried to look at the code behind the page and all I got was a “.smil” extension (I think it is not possible to do hotlinking with that, but I am newbie on the subject…). But the problem is that we have no stream to iPhone, iPad and Android.

    That is why we need adjust things, setting the JW Player Plugin so it stream also for iOS and Android devices (even without the adaptative bitrate feature).

    Or, configure things so our iFrame do not show our server URL.

    Can anybody help?


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    It sounds like you are looking for hands on help. You can post to the find a consultant forum or write to and ask for the list of consultants.


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