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Thread: Live streaming on android using flash media encoder

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    Default Live streaming on android using flash media encoder

    Hi Wowza team

    Now I am using wowza with flash media encoder to do live streaming and it work pretty well on my website.
    However, I am still getting problem when I play live video on android device.
    What was happening is I did get the live video on my player, however It seem like it doesn't work since it play back and forth along couple of second
    For example, when I play the stream, the video appear and I notice the playing the time that it play back and forth from 8th second and 9th second.
    I heard that the android device do not support encoder type in mp3, is this the reason why I found the problem and how I can figure out.

    Thank you

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    If you are doing something other than RTSP streaming, try that instead.

    If you can make the audio AAC instead of MP3, that might help. I am not sure what the audio encoding limitations of Android devices are at present, but AAC audio is always preferable.


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