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Thread: On-demand Audio Streaming using RTMP

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    Default On-demand Audio Streaming using RTMP


    We are using WMS 3.6 and developing a native Application for Android handsets. The problem is with streaming audio using RTMP. The RTMP link gets played successfully on desktop version of RTMP player provided with Wowza installation but fails on Android device.
    Can anyone help with some sample code to play audio file over RTMP.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Most Android devices support RTSP/RTP streaming. Newer Android devices that are running version 2.2 (Froyo) or later also support Adobe Flash player 10.1 and can play RTMP and Adobe HDS streams.

    Does your stream work using RTSP?:


    Make sure Application.xml /RTP /Authentication /PlayMethod is "none"

    RTSP to mobile devices is difficult, however. Start here:
    How to troubleshoot RTSP/RTP playback


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