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Thread: RTSP and RTMP on Wowza Amazon DevKey AMI

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    Default RTSP and RTMP on Wowza Amazon DevKey AMI

    Currently we use RTMP from Adobe media encoder to push live content to an Amazon DevKey AMI.

    We need to implement an RTSP stream so we use it for a signage option we're considering.

    1. what encoders are recommended (mac), as Adobe ME doesn't do RTSP?

    2. the signage app wants the rtsp server address. What string do I give it? the amazon server ip or the local encoder ip? I would think the wowza addy, but not sure.

    3. Will wowza spit out an RTSP out from the existing RTMP input?

    I'm pretty green at most of this, so forgive my shortcomings.


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    Wowza will allow a RTSP client to connect a watch the stream you currently have, in the live tutorial you should see at the bottom the playback examples
    You can find the tutorial here,

    You should see:

    RTSP/RTP player

    Enter the following URL into the RTSP/RTP player:
    URL: rtsp://[wowza-ip-address]:1935/live/myStream


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