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Thread: Jagged Image Quality

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    Default Jagged Image Quality

    Hello, if you look closely at this image you will see all the lines are really jagged...
    This screenshot was taken while viewing remotely through flash jw player 6.

    The ip camera is set to 720P

    When I open this stream in the wowza flash sample... it looks much much better than this.
    But when I view it online it looks really bad.

    Any ideas?

    I did try having no width or height on the jwplayer... that did not make much of a difference.


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    This sounds like a network connectivity issue. A couple of solutions might be to lower the bitrate of the stream or to use the Wowza Transcoder to create lower bitrate renditions of the stream for ABR playback


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    Thanks. Wouldnt lowering the bitrate make the image quality less?

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    Yes it will. This is a trade off with streaming, you have to find the median point of highest quality video and smoothest playback. Smooth playback being of higher importance then video quality.

    You can use this module to check the bandwidth between client and server:

    You can also trace the route from server to client with a console/terminal command of:
    traceroute [URL/IP]
    eg: traceroute
    And you can read through this guide to try and mitigate poor video quality:
    How to troubleshoot live streaming

    Adaptive bitrate streaming will deliver the highest quality video that the playback client connection can handle and will change on the fly as the connect fluctuates. So it is a dynamic median between highest video quality and playback.


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