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Thread: Design for 20 Channels

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    Default Design for 20 Channels

    Hi guys,
    I want to ask you guys what will be the best design to put up this 20 channels.

    20 Channels - how many servers (10 channels per server)
    2000 Users - 800Kbps per channel x 2000 = 1.6Gbps more or less BW (1Gbps will not be enough)

    What will be the setup for this kind of requirement, im thinking of either using aggregation or LB. How many servers will be used?


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    Depending on the server configuration, two might be enough. With two servers and 1gbps on each server it will be 1.6gbps, assuming 20% overhead.

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    The load balancer can redirect the connections to the edge servers and it can also be configured as an edge server at the same time so you would need 2 servers in total.
    You would need to have all 20 channels on each server to balance them equally as each channel some channels are likely to be more popular than others.

    If you need the Wowza load balancer you can get it here,
    This load balancer only supports Flash RTMP clients.

    Configuration details can be found in the LoadBalancer/README.html.


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