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    Default question on packetizers

    I only want my streams to be visible on ios. To do this I believe I need to set <LiveStreamingPacketizer> to have only dvr and cupertino packetizer. Is this correct? (I have the nDVR addon for scrubbing on the ipads)

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    You are partially correct. To prevent other players (Silverlight Smooth Streaming & Adobe HDS) from connecting to your DVR stream, you also need to remove smoothstreaming & sanjosestreaming from your HTTPStreamers list.

    As an addition, to block all rtmp clients from playing streams, remove the `*` from Client/Access/StreamReadAccess in your Application.xml.

    Tp block RTSP playback, set RTP/Authentication/PlayMethod to `block`.

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    You also need to check the UserAgent of player can be more perfect.

    iOS as well as other devices, it is a trend that supports the HLS.

    	public void onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate(HTTPStreamerSessionCupertino session)
    		boolean isGood = true;
    		String userAgent = session.getUserAgent() == null ? "" : session.getUserAgent().toLowerCase();
    		if(userAgent.indexOf("coremedia") < 0)
    			isGood = false;
    		if (!isGood)
    Jinmo Kang

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