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Thread: Switching between servers

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    Default Switching between servers

    I have two questions:
    Question 1
    I use EC2 and I'd like to know how to protect against server failure. For example: I'm performing a live stream, and suddenly, in the middle of streaming there is a server crash. How to prevent this? How to make the system switch to the second server?
    I know I can do it for LoadBalancer
    Origin-> Edge1, Edge2
    But what do the Origin server fails. How to prevent this?

    And Question 2:
    I perform a live stream and I have two transmitters - on two computers I run Wirecast and send the same stream ec2 on two servers, one is located in Europe, second in USA. Server in Europe is the main one. How to make system to switch from European server to the one located in USA if the one in Europe would crash during steram?

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    Have a look at the Features of Elastic Load Balancing on Amazon EC2

    It provides built in failover for lost server instances and monitors server health.


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