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    hey.. we doing live streams to wowza server.. we want to add logo on there.. i know its possible when transcoding but is it possible without transcoding?

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    Hi there,

    There may be some options for this on the player side, but this is not supported in Wowza, without Wowza Transcoder that is.


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    I don't think it possible too. But as what I have done, I add the logo direct to the player code.


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    Adding a logo to a stream created by the Wowza transcoder is possible by adding an overlay to the transcoding template in use.
    See the transcoding tutorial for configuration details.

    Note you will be editing the Overlays section below, an example template is in the tutorial listed above and your templates can be found in the [Wowza-Install]/transcoder/templates directory.

    			<!-- horiz: left, right, hcenter - vert: top, bottom, vcenter -->
    Please find pricing details for the Monthly subscription here


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