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Thread: Liverepeater and stream currently not available notification on edge servers

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    Default Liverepeater and stream currently not available notification on edge servers

    Dear Wowza support,

    we currently use a Wowa server 3.6.2 and a FMLE to publish an RTMP livestream.
    We use the liverepeater functionality and have an origin server (liverepeater-origin) and a separate edge server (liverepeater-edge-lowlatency) in a testbed environment.
    On client side, we use the JW player 6 to playback the repeated stream from the edge server.

    There is a situation where a viewer visits the website with the JW player and starts the playback while the stream is not already published.
    In this case the player idles until the stream publishing to the origin server starts.
    Is there a way to set a timeout after which the client will get a stream not found error?

    When we use the JW player together with the RTMP playback URL from the origin, we find exactly the behavior we want. The visitor starts the playback and the player stops with an error event that the addressed stream ist not being found.



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    I had to review, tested with the Wowza LiveVideoStreaming example so I can see metadata and notifications. In my tests, neither liverepeater-origin nor liverepeater-edge return any notifications to the NetStream NetStatusEvent handler when the stream does not exist.

    I will ask for clarification on this. I will get back to you on Tuesday at least, after the holiday.


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    thanks for the brief status update, Richard

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    I can confirm that this is by design, the liverepeater stream types do not send NetStream notifications.


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