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Thread: Why need to 'lock' multi-bitrate streams on edge

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    Default Why need to 'lock' multi-bitrate streams on edge

    Some doubts about the toturial
    1. Whats' the purpose of 'lock'? (suppose the multi-bitrate streams on origin server already be key-frame aligned)
    2. With this techniq, does that mean edge always pulls all streams of StartUpStreams.xml even no player requests for it? (concern about the network bandwidth waste among edge/origin)

    Thank your help
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    For ABR switching to maintain keyframe alignment on the edge, all renditions of the stream have to be started at the same time.

    Yes, this will effect the bandwidth between the origin and edge.
    Each livestreampacketizer you enable will consume bandwidth, so you should remove any livestreampacketizers you will not be using.

    The only way to avoid any bandwidth usage while no clients are connected would be to only stream to RTMP clients. You can start the streams on the client side. The streams will remain available for 60 seconds after the last client disconnects.

    You will need to connect to each version of the stream.
    For example:"FCSubscribe", null, myLowStream);"FCSubscribe", null, myMedStream);"FCSubscribe", null, myHiStream);
    JW Player does this with Flashvar rtmp.subscribe=true.
    JW Player 6 and Wowza Media Server


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    Thank your reply, salvadore.
    One more doubt is, when the rtmp player "FCSubscribe" each version of the stream"FCSubscribe", null, myLowStream);"FCSubscribe", null, myMedStream);"FCSubscribe", null, myHiStream);
    Would all the streams effect the bandwidth between edge/player?
    For the purpose of ABR, it is supposed only one of the streams to be streaming to player, but subscribe all the streams sounds like all of them propagate to player so I would like to confirm that.

    Thank your help
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    Hi Andy,

    Calling FCSubscribe just tells the server that you are interested in the stream. It is used on edge servers to make sure that the edge server starts getting the stream from the origin. It doesn't automatically send any of the streams to the player.

    It is still up to the player to call play and play2 to start playing one of the streams and transition to one of the others when it needs to.

    The player should also call FCUnSubscribe for each of the streams when it has finished to indicate that the edge server can release the streams.


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    Got it.
    Thanks Roger.

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