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Thread: How to squeeze more bits from this .m3u8?

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    Unhappy How to squeeze more bits from this .m3u8?

    I could use a little help determining what I could be doing to better improve the quality of what I'm recording with Wowza and playing back as VOD

    Today we recorded a local sports football game:


    Our hope it to provide playback on SmartTV's, computers, and SmartPhones.

    When playing back the live url it was beautiful. It's not up presently, but when it was live the url was:

    It was coming out of the video encoder at 5mbps, and sent to our Wowza server, which saved it on the server as:


    However, when I go to play this back on my Mac in Quicktime, or JWPlayer, or on my Roku - - - it doesn't seem to ratchet up to the full 720p resolution. (Does it for you?)

    Is there some other setting I need to put in place to help get to the highest bitrate?
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    Switching is controlled by the player. HLS players depend on the system-bitrate value. And it is difficult to monitor switching in HLS clients.

    But you can see client-side switching in this OSMF player using sanjose (HDS) playback:

    Here is debug player setup to view your stream:


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