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Thread: switch between playlist and live stream without buffering

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    Question switch between playlist and live stream without buffering

    i have a playlist and a live stream
    is it possible to switch between playlist and live stream with out any delay and buffering on client side?

    my goal is to stream a playlist to client and then in middle of playlist any time i want to pause and then start the live stream with out any buffering and delays and then pause the live stream and go back to playlist and resume it without any buffering

    how do i achieve this?

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    It seems you need this


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    Thanks dhamibirendra
    but i want to know how to switch between server side playlist and client live stream with out any delay or buffering

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    You can do it easily but the player will treat all the streams in the playlist as a single live stream. They will start the stream from the point it is at when the player starts and won't be able to pause or seek. You get the switching functionality you want by switching the sources in and out of the stream.

    How to do basic server-side publishing with Stream class streams
    How to do scheduled streaming with Stream class streams (server listener) (Due to be updated soon).
    How to loop a pre-roll until a live stream starts (Due to be updated)
    How to dynamically control Stream class streams


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