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Thread: server configuration and loadbalancing

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    Default server configuration and loadbalancing

    I dont know if this post does belong here, if not please just leave me a reply to the private message.
    Right now, we are streaming FEI world driving championship ( actually we have one server hosted on 1GBps, sever is 2 x intel CPU 4 cores (8 cores total) 16 GB RAM, OS Centos 6.4.
    Actual load is 1100 active viewers, link is somewhere at 850Mbps.
    My question is. where are Wowza limitations per one HW. Is it limited by HW resources, or does Wowza has some limitations per instance. Im curious what will happen next because anyway we are running out of bandwidth. Thats something that organisators of the event knew about from the beginning so it`s not problem now.
    And another, what are posibilities of load balancig more wowza servers in various hostings.
    Thank you.

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    This post is fine here.

    In your case, it would most likely be the network which will be the limiting factor.the specification of server that you have is more than capable of exceeding 1gbps of throughput with Wowza.

    A 1gbps network connection should be capable of around 920mbps before you start seeing problems with streaming. This is the limit of the connection. At that point, you would see buffering on a lot of streams.

    It would be best to try to limit the connections before it gets to that point so that the current viewers are not affected.

    If you have the JMX interface enabled, you can use jConsole to connect to the server and set the maximum number of connections to the server. This will prevent new connections while at the limit. To do this, in jConsole, on the MBeans tab, navigate to WowzaMediaServerPro/VHostConfigs/_defaultVHost_/VHostItem/Attributes. Double click the connectionLimit value and set the new value and hit enter. Click the refresh button a couple of times to make sure your setting is saved.

    So that the setting is persistent, you also need to edit the conf/VHosts.xml (not VHost.xml) and set the limit in there.

    If you have load balancing configured already, you can add another server to the pool. If it is not configured, you would have to do the configuration and then restart the server. Apart from having to drop all the connections when the restart occurs, this is very risky if you are not 100% confident on getting the load balancer configured. If you do need to get it done quickly, I would suggest employing the services of a Wowza Consultant who is experienced in this.

    The options are the Wowza Load Balancer or a third party load balancing solution. The Wowza Load Balancer would be the easiest to configure quickly. If just needing servers for a short period of time then the best thing is to use for edge servers. These can be started or stopped at any time. If your needs are more long term then there are plenty of hosting companies that will rent servers on a monthly basis.

    EC2 instances will not get the same bandwidth as normal servers because they are VMs. You should expect around 150mbps from small instances and around 350mbps from x-large instances. Hosting companies vary on performance so it would be best let them know what you are doing and get some assurances on performance.

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