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    Default Client connect loop

    Recently we observed a few times a client that kept on reconnecting to a HLS stream, both for a live and vod stream. The streams did exist and could be played by other clients.
    In the log file we see 4-5 "create" events every second, without any play event. The clients keeps making these request for a very long time time.
    It looks like a buggy client or router/proxy? But the problem is it keeps using resources (nr of connections grows fast, open files…) and can make the server crash with a few simultaneous clients like that.
    Is there any (standard) technique to protect the server from this?

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    The only thing I can think to suggest is an application module to detect this pattern and stop the attempts. I think IP is the only thing you will have to identify the pattern and use to deny. You could use this example as a staring place:


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