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Thread: original stream and delay to get 360p

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    Default original stream and 360p


    I tried transcoder addon in using it like that :
    I push a 720p stream at 800 Kbps and I want to deliver this one and an other stream : 360p at 350Kbps

    I configured transrate.xml in enabling 360p and in changing bitrate (nothing more)

    1) it works well : I can get my original stream and an other (360p) with streamname_360p

    2) it seems bitrate I configured for my 360p stream is not correct, I would say, it is double as what I entered ???
    I used my Logitech c910 to test

    3) +bitrate does big yoyo... I would like to get more stable bw usage for my 360p, is there a key for that ?


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    It may be possible that it is actually the frame rate that has doubled and this makes the bitrate appear to be doubled.

    Please make sure you are using the latest version of wowza with the latest development patch. If using a version prior to the latest release version, please update to that first and then apply the patch.

    If you are still having issues then please zip up your conf, logs & transcoder templates folders and send them to along with a description of the problem and a link to this thread.


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