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    Question Stream cut

    Hi All,
    I would like to make array of session/stream for example
    ConcurrentHashMap<Integer, HTTPStreamerSessionCupertino> ar = new ConcurrentHashMap<Integer, HTTPStreamerSessionCupertino>();

    and when i check for example stream number 1 , or i want to "kill" stream


    Problem is next: httpSession for cupertiono does not work - probably , it work only on start not in "middle"

    I know that Stream stream , if put like this would work , but i dont know how to "extract" or get Stream stream from method public void onHTTPSessionCreate or
    public void onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate

    So my question is: How to make Stream stream from current httpSession , and "kill" stream (cupertino).
    or there is another way to put "something" that i could triggered any time I want to stop streaming for one client (in this case stream number 1 or any different ID , getSessionID )

    httpSession for cupertino does not work like this for me.
    Only on start - before playing stream.
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    You are correct. rejectSession() only works before the stream is started.

    You need to use a different approach.

    String sessionid = ar.get(1).getSessionId();
    Because http sessions are not persistent, they will try to immediately reconnect. It will get recreated with the same session id that you just closed. You also need to then reject the session in onHTTPSessionCreate.


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    Ok ,
    I check - it works.
    This is what i need to have to make final plugin.

    Thank you

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