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Thread: nDVR is not working properly - mainly the (origin/edge). Am i missing something?

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    Default nDVR is not working properly - mainly the (origin/edge). Am i missing something?


    am trying to make a simple mobile app that records video sending it to the Local wowza server and let others see it through out their own mobile/tablets and PCs
    I work on OSX for developing process then i will publish to Linux in production process later on.

    I followed the setup post in link:

    And then went to the stream manager to end up like this:

    MediaCaster Type : rtp-record
    Stream Name:106.flv

    MediaCaster Type : rtp-record
    Stream Name:3.mp4

    106.flv[stop receiving stream][reset receiving stream]
    3.mp4[stop receiving stream][reset receiving stream]
    [start receiving stream]

    then i opened the Live Video Streaming - Flash HTTP Player html page in (WowzaMediaServer3.6.2-patch10/examples/...)

    http://localhost:1935/dvredge/106.flv/manifest.f4m?DVR --- Not working
    http://localhost:1935/dvredge/106/manifest.f4m?DVR --- Not working

    and now am trying to catch the 106.flv and 3.mp4 ... it gives me error #2032
    While in the terminal process it shows me the below lines
    WARN server comment - LiveMediaStreamReceiver.doWatchdog: streamTimeout[dvrorigin/_definst_/106.flv]: Resetting connection: wowz://localhost:1935/dvrorigin/_definst_/106.flv
    INFO server comment - LiveMediaStreamReceiver.resetConnection: (SOCKET, R: localhost/, L: /, S: localhost/
    INFO server comment - DvrLiveRepeaterReceiver.close[dvredge/_definst_/106.flv]
    INFO server comment - MediaStreamMap.removeLiveStreamPacketizer[dvredge/_definst_/106.flv]: Destroy live stream packetizer: dvrstreamingpacketizer
    INFO stream destroy 106.flv -
    INFO session disconnect 1443833140 -
    INFO server comment - LiveMediaStreamReceiver.sessionClosed[dvrorigin/_definst_/106.flv]
    INFO server comment - LiveMediaStreamReceiver.sessionClosed[dvrorigin/_definst_/106.flv]: reconnect: isCurrentSession:false tryConnect:true
    INFO session connect-pending -
    INFO session connect -
    INFO application setstreamtype httprepeater-origin -
    INFO stream create - -
    INFO server comment - MediaStreamHTTPStreamerRepeaterOriginPlay.initLiveStreamRepeating[dvrorigin/_definst_/]: playerClass: com.wowza.wms.httpstreamer.dvrrepeater.DvrLiveRepeaterPlayer
    WARN server comment -[dvrorigin/_definst_/106.flv] : No playable DVR store:null
    INFO server comment - RTPMediaCaster.streamTimeout[1377117850:dvrorigin/_definst_:3.mp4]: timeout:12000 diff:12036 reason:101

    Over and over again !

    My files (106.flv,3.mp4) are in the content folder
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    in the way you explain it, you are not using nDVR ... you are recording the stream on the content folder. So, you should stream it as VOD
    Do you have nDVR configured? if so, you should start the stream as repeater, not as rtp-record ...

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    Actually I followed the example of the (Origin/edge) for the nDVR deployment but I didn't figure out how to send a live video to the origin and catch the stream from the edge to let user watch the live recording
    So I wanted to start with the edge before the origin but I couldn't do neither of them ... While I still know what's wrong and how to start the origin part coz its not clear at all in the tutorial example and link I submitted above.

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    What encoder application are you using to produce your live stream?

    Begin by successfully sending a stream to your origin server. If you require the nDVR AddOn, practice that configuration as well. Once you're satisified that you understand the process, move on to configuring an origin-edge repeater, which will draw from your live configuration.



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    Hello tim,

    Actually i followed the steps u mentioned and it was very good practice for me ... but that was only till i came to the nDVR(origin/edge) model . i stuck in its page not knowing what to do when the article says


    Publishing the stream

    1. Start Wowza Media Server.
    2. Send the stream to the dvrorigin application on the origin server or use Stream Manager to start the stream on the origin server. For this example, the stream name is named myStream.

    BTW my encoder is an android app.
    and it goes smoothly for all the above practice and streamings

    actually i cant get any steps to go through from the point No. (2) ... seemed pretty unclear to me

    it says:
    2. Send the stream to the dvrorigin application on the origin server ... so i send the stream to "dvrorigin" app from my android like this "http://[wowza-ip]:1935/dvrorigin/[stream name]" as i did with live, dvr and liverecording examples before.

    or use Stream Manager to start the stream on the origin server. What is that suppose to mean!! stream manager doesn't start streams as far as i know, it starts receiving stream ... that is why i feel confused !!

    should i start receiving stream under dvrorigin app?? .. anyway i just did it too
    but when i tried to go for playback
    Guess what !! my encoder app on my mobile crashes after about 4 sec. and it totally restarts the phone... Oops ... i can't get this .. but anyways i couldn't neither get it played back over the "Live Wowza nDVR Streaming - Flash HTTP Player"

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