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Thread: Can anyone use my Server to stream??

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    Default Can anyone use my Server to stream??


    Sorry im not only new to wowza, but also completly new to the field of Streaming, so please bear with me!

    From what I understand everyone that has my wowza server's IP could just setup his own capture method, then send it to my wowza, and then publish it via my server.
    I don't see anything that hinders people from doing that (with the basic configuration atleast).

    So how exactly would I prevent that??
    Is there a method with which I can only allow ingoing/source streams from several specific IP's and reject everyone else?
    Outgoing(watching the stream) should still be allowed to everyone of course.


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    Yes, this is true.

    There are steps to take to prevent this.

    Have a look at the media security overview article.

    This article shows how to set up username and password authentication for publishing a stream:
    How to enable username/password authentication for RTMP and RTSP publishing (ModuleRTMPAuthenticate)


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