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Thread: RTMP Streaming is Choppy

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    Default RTMP Streaming is Choppy

    I have a 10 minute .MOV video and audio file that was recorded at 1 FPS. When I stream it from Wowza to an iPhone using M3U8 or to an Android phone using rtsp, it plays the video & audio just fine. Each second, there is a new frame (ie. 1 FPS). When I stream it using rtmp to any browser, it skips. It does a new frame every 2 seconds. The audio doesn't skip but I'm only seeing a new frame once every 2 seconds instead of each second. Is there a configuration setting I need to make to allow it to stream to my flash browser at 1fps?
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    You shouldn't see any skipping in the video so something is strange.

    Could you send a request to along with a description of the problem and ideally, a link to download the file so we can test with it. Please also include a link to this thread.



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