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Thread: Monitoring Wowza connections

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    Default Monitoring Wowza connections

    Where would I go to monitor connections made to Wowza? Mainly I am looking to find how many concurrent sessions (and if it could be broken into which streams that would be great) hit our Wowza server. Are there any Wowza tools that would give me that information.

    I would also be interested if there is a way to get this using WMI for Server 2008. We have a network monitoring system that I have already pointed to the Wowza server for bandwidth and some WMI stats but I cannot find anywhere how to tell how many concurrent session are hitting the server.


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    You can use an HTTP-Provider which will allow you to view the server stats in a browser:
    How to get realtime connection counts from Wowza Media Server

    And you can use JConsole to graph the stats:
    How to graph individual values


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