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Thread: HLS issues after running Wowza for a while

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    Default HLS issues after running Wowza for a while

    Hi folks,

    Having some issues which I hope maybe someone can help.

    Here's my setup: an HP DL360p G8 server with a single hex-core Xeon and 8GB RAM, 4 SSDs in RAID, running CentOS 6.4 and Wowza 3.6.2. This handles about 70 incoming streams, and so far we've not had enough concurrent viewers to make it break a sweat.

    But, there's an annoying issue with HLS. It seems that after 6 hours or so, it takes longer and longer for streaming to start (on JW6 and VLC on PC). And on Android, normally most 4.x+ devices can play HLS quite well, then all of a sudden, none are able to start new streams, whether it's MX Player, VLC, or our own all utilizing standard VideoView. If I stop and restart Wowza, all these issues go away, for a while anyway.

    So I am at quite a loss, I've returned the application.xml to default, I disabled WMSAuth on the server, but it does not help. In the past I used Wowza on the same hardware, but running Windows Server 2008, and did not experience these problems. Should I go back to that OS? Also, I'm currently downloading the patch, maybe it will help. But I would appreciate any other ideas!

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    Do you have statistics of users/streaming simultaneous when the system starts "failing" .... HLS takes more memory than RTMP, for instance. So, check your memory usage during that time

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    It's not even under high load situations, maybe 20-30 viewers... And even at our peak usage, memory utilization stays pretty low...

    Anyway about 24 hours now with the patch and everything *seems* fine and dandy now...

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