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Thread: manifest.f4m - MediaList is empty

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    Default manifest.f4m - MediaList is empty

    I defined the transcoder addon, and I even successfully playing the different transcoded bitrates, but when I ask the server for the manifest.f4m, the Manifest or the playlist.m3u8, I don't get the expected results:

    <manifest xmlns="">

    <SmoothStreamingMedia MajorVersion="2" MinorVersion="1" Timescale="10000000" Duration="0"></SmoothStreamingMedia>


    In the server logs I see that MediaList is empty, for example:
    WARN server comment - HTTPStreamerSanJoseLiveIndex.indexPlaylist[wow/_definst_/ngrp:0_abcdefgh_all]: MediaList is empty.

    BTW, the recording is on, <StreamType>live-record</StreamType> and I'm using win64.

    Do I miss anything?

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    This is what you would see if that live stream was not running or mistyped, and/or the Transcoder was not enabled.

    Or this might happen if the StreamNameGroup was not created successfully, perhaps because the source stream was included and had unsupported audio or video codec

    Can you playback each of the transcoded/transrated streams individually.


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