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Thread: Best practice for protecting who can live stream to the wowza server

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    Default Best practice for protecting who can live stream to the wowza server

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for the standard/best practice for who can stream to our Wowza server. Doing standard, live streaming over RTMP. Our team will be using Wirecast to broadcast to the Wowza server. I just want to make sure that only authorized users can stream to the server. As of right now, it's wide open, and as long as I know the address to the Wowza server, I can interrupt a live stream by just randomly broadcasting to it while a legit source is streaming.

    Thank you all.

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    Check out our Media Security Overview article. I'd focus on the "Authentication for RTMP and RTSP Publishing" section as it provides some good mechanisms for this kind of security. There are a few ways to accomplish this so I'd choose the best solution for your given workflow.

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