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Thread: Stop recording after Filesize limit is reached, and start again ( override ) old File

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    Default Stop recording after Filesize limit is reached, and start again ( override ) old File

    Hello Dear Wowza Community,

    maybe i shold place my Question in this Thread and try to explain what i want to realize

    but now about my question to you:

    I want to stop the recording when the filesize is about ~300mb and than want to start it again and want to "replace" the old file. So ive always 300mb of the stream from the Streaming content.
    i dont want to segment, because than ive too much files. i only want to record the same file automatically

    i start the record within onPublish. Do you have any suggestions how i can realize that?

    Thank you very much for your help

    Sorry for my english, i try my best.

    best regards

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    Hi Dogan,

    I can follow what you want to do, but I do not understand why you would want to do it.

    From what I understand, you want to record 300mb of video and then immediately overwrite it with the next 300mb. If you want to overwrite it immediately, then why do you want to record it? You will not be able to play back the recorded footage until after it has finished recording, at which point it will get overwritten so you cannot play it back anyway.

    Please give some more insight as to what you want to do.


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    Hi Dogan,

    I think you want to record the camera streaming, right? If yes, that in my job as well. But now we replace the camera with can record and delete automatically.

    Sorry if I misunderstand.



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    Hello Rogar,

    Thank you for your time and help so the recorded File will only be visible after the streamer is finished right! this is what i want. so other users can watch the streamers last stream when the streamer is offline.

    Thank you

    best regards

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    Please clarify, throughout the time the camera is active customers will ONLY be able to see the live stream and NOT any recorded content even though the stream is being recorded permanently (see Roger's comments above).
    Only when the camera disconnects from the server will the recorded content be available as it is not being overwritten by the new recording (after 300 MB is reached).

    I can see the logic if this is the case however you should be aware, the stream may not always disconnect when the recording size is near 300 Mb. If the recording starts to overwrite and then is disconnected the new stream could be a few seconds in duration and the old recording (300 Mb) will be lost as it has been overwritten with a few seconds of video.


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    Yes JasonH this is exact what i want. I there any alternative? Do you have better ideas how to fix it?
    i mean recording everything is a little bit expensive

    thank you for your time and your help

    best regards

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    You could record a live stream using the nDVR AddOn which will give you a "window" duration/size so automatically adding new data while deleting the old to keep the same duration/size.
    Please find the tutorial for this here which gives more detail,
    How to set up and run nDVR for live streaming

    The nDVR AddOn is a premium AddOn and you can find prices for the monthly subscription consts here,

    Please nope this method is limited to HTTP clients viewing the live stream and recordings.


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