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Thread: fix unaligned a/v

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    Default fix unaligned a/v

    I'm getting the following error logs "Skipping chunk. A/V packet times differ by 2954 ms, more than allowed 2000 ms. aTime=418467 vTime=421421".

    I'm encoding with ffmpeg from an ip camera and an ip audio encoder. Can this be fixed on the wowza side? Every once in a while Wowza loses the stream and I'm suspecting this might be the cause.

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    It sounds like you are using nDVR. There is a tolerance for A/V sync which is can be set with the dvrAllowableAVPacketDelta Property the Application.xml /DVR /Properties container. The default is "2000" (ms).

    But instead of altering that, try setting the Application.xml /DVR dvrPacketSortTime Property to see if Wowza can fix the A/V sync problem. Try "1000" to start, see if that improves, then increase if necessary. This might not help if the A/V sync issue is in the encoder, it only usually helps when audio and video packets are arriving out of sync because of network issues.

    These Property settings are discussed in the nDVR Advanced Guide.


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