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Thread: Setting up Wowza to run as service (manually)

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    Question Setting up Wowza to run as service (manually)


    My apologies if this question has been answered before... I have two Wowza instances running on the same box (Ubuntu 12.10). The first instance was created by installer and I can run it either from command line or as a service and everything is fine. The second instance was cloned by hand as described in the forum article on how to run multiple instances on the same server, and it works fine from the command line. Now I'd like to run it as a service as well only I don't know how to configure it properly... Any help is appreciated!


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    The current WowzaMediaServer service script exists in /etc/init.d

    You should be able to create another script like that (so clone with a different name
    such as WowzaMediaServerInst2)
    then edit the paths in the variables so it points to your second instance.

    While logged in as root (or using the sudo command), you should then be able to start and stop the service with the commands:
    To start:
     service WowzaMediaServerInst2 start
    To Stop:
     service WowzaMediaServerInst2 stop
    If you want to add that service to the system startup/shutdown sequence
    then the following command should work:

    update-rc.d WowzaMediaServerInst2 defaults
    Should do the trick.


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