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Thread: No of stream processing limit with Graphics Card

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    Question No of stream processing limit with Graphics Card


    We have installed NVIDIA K4000 Graphics card in our server. With that card we are able to transcode about 8 streams. Now suppose if we will use more powerful Card.. like K10 or K20k, K5000 .. will we be able to process around 20 streams. So I have below query regarding this;

    1. Is there any limit on number of stream to be processed in Wowza. Can we achieve 20+ channels processing in a single server.
    2. Or would there be any other limitation?

    My System is HP dl360 g5. Latest Centos 64 bit installed.


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    I can't answer that with any certainty. For one thing we don't have that card, but as you know from the Wowza Transcoder Benchmarks, transcoding uses a lot of resources and is limited by cpu and ram.


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