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Thread: start stream only when requested

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    Default start stream only when requested

    Do wowza streams... just stream all the time?

    Or only when someone actually connects to them?

    I was assuming that this was built in but someone said that it would just stream all the streams you turn on all the time.... unless you built some custom program to do it.

    Is this true?

    If so does anyone know where I can get a module like that?


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    Can you please provide more information about your set up?

    Are the streams live or vod?
    Are you using an origin/edge configuration?
    What players are you streaming to?


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    Hello, they are live.
    Streaming to jwplayer.
    I am not sure what you mean by "origin/edge config". I am taking a rtsp url from IP cameras right into wowza .stream files and publishing the wowza stream.


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    If you are only streaming over RTMP to JWPlayer then all you have to do is set the StreamType to "rtp-live". When the client requests the stream the stream will start.

    For HTTP and IOS clients the streams need to be started for packetization to work.


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    Thank you so much...

    Setting the StreamType to "rtp-live". Is that a wowza setting? Or set at the jwplayer?

    So for ios... wowza has to stream them all the time... even if no one is requesting the stream... wow thats a lot of wasted bandwidth..

    thanks again. I appreciate your time.

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    The StreamType setting is located in the Application.xml file. [wowza-install-dir]/conf/[app-name]/Application.xml.

    For HTTP and IOS clients packetization is required, by default it is set to 3 10 second chunks, so 30 seconds need to be ready to go when the client requests the stream. This default behavior can be modified but you have to have data packetized before the client request is made.

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