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Thread: Wowza API: How do I get the current repeater originUrl?

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    Exclamation Wowza API: How do I get the current repeater originUrl?

    Is there a method to get the current OriginUrl for the current application?

    Here's the Application.xml config


    I used this to get Streams List
    List<IMediaStream> streams = _vhost.getApplication(appName).getAppInstance(IApplicationInstance.DEFAULT_APPINSTANCE_NAME).getStre ams().getStreams();
    IMediaStream stream = (IMediaStream)streams.get(0);

    And I found the stream connected to OriginURL, but it has none of these objects:
    - stream.getHTTPStreamerSession() = null
    - stream.getRTPStream() = null
    - stream.getClient() = null

    My goal is to find if stream is connected to server1 or server2...


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    I'm not sure. I've been looking at this and so far not finding it. I'll have to get back to you.


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