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Thread: Live stream recording

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    Default Live stream recording

    Could the recorded file be played safely while the live stream is still broadcasting?
    Otherwise, can you think of a way to play the beginning of the video before the live session ended?

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    Nevermind, I understand that I should use the nDVR AddOn.
    Thank you.

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    After all, I do need your help.
    In case the broadcaster is stop and starting, or even disconnecting and reconnecting few times, always with the same stream name.
    1. Is it possible to configure the nDVR to keep the previously recorded sessions as part of the current one and enable playing them?
    2. When the broadcaster is disconnected, it's impossible to play the live stream, only the recorded files.
    3. I configured the streamer versionFile to false and the appendFile to true, but only the flv recorded source is appended, all the transcoded mp4 recorded files are renamed and versioned, can make them be appended as well?
    4. I don't need the recorded flv, only the mp4 transcoded files, can I configure it in order to save resources?

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    1) Yes, by setting the Application.xml /DVR /ArchiveStrategy to "append"

    2) Yes, that's right, but you are still able to play from the nDVR store when stream is not live.

    3) How are you recording? Are you using HTTPLiveStreamRecord, or are you just setting the Application.xml /StreamType to "live-record"? Are you currently recording .flv and .mp4 versions at the same time of the same live stream?

    4) I need the answer to #3 to advise.

    Note that these .flv and .mp4 files are not involved in nDVR recordings. It is a common solution to use nDVR for playback of live and recently live streams, and do standard recording to .flv or .mp4 files for archive purposes.


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    For #3, if you are using live-record stream type (as you mention in one of your other forum threads), you can do the following.

    In the Application.xml Stream Properties set the following properties to control appending and versioning.

    These settings are the opposite to the default settings for live-record. This will affect all streams published to the application, including the transcoded streams.

    #4 To prevent recording of the source stream, you need to change the stream type for the source stream client before the publish stream is created. You can do this in the onConnect method. The stream name will not be available at this point but if all externally published streams are not to be recorded then this shouldn't matter.

    in onConnect, you set the client stream type to live. This will prevent it from being recorded.

    public void onConnect(IClient client, RequestFunction function, AMFDataList params)
    	. . .
    The client stream will then not be recorded but the streams created by the transcoder will still be recorded as normal and if append is set as above, they will be appended instead of versioning.


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    Thank you.

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