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Thread: Transcode crashes server 3.5.2

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    Default Transcode crashes server 3.5.2


    We are running Wowza 3.5.2 on an 8-core, 32GB RAM box with JVM 1.7.0_17, 23.7-b01. Everything is working nicely except when we connect an encoder to a transcoder enabled application. The server basically goes offline and requires a restart to recover. Unfortunately, this behavior can be replicated without fail. We have the heap set a 8000M based on reading other posts. Does anyone have other suggestions we might try? The box is not under heavy load otherwise.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Be sure to tune your serve using the specifications listed in the Performance Tuning Guide.

    In order for us to understand your problem, we require more detail. Please send an email to and include a copy of your [install-dir]/conf, /logs and /transcoder folders as a .zip file (or other archive) so we can take a closer look at your configuration and server activity. Also, please send a reference to this forum post.

    Thank you,


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