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    I've been reading info on the wowza media system and wonder if it will fit my requirements. Im looking to broadcast live channels (around 15 simultaneously) 24/7. These will be sourced from a DVB-s2 card so will then need to be encoded in real time and broadcast out onto a content delivery network. Then my clients would have a set top box to watch the channels on their tv. I would require a full EPG also so the viewers have a full tv like experience. Would wowza be suitable? Or can anyone recommend anything more suited?



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    We do have many customers using Wowza who are pushing streams from a Wowza server to a CDN and playing back successfully with a Set to box.
    I recommend that you apply for a FREE 30 day trail so you can be sure that Wowza works for your deployment.

    You can download Wowza Media Server software here,
    Wowza Media Server software

    If you would like to contact our sales team you can do by sending an email to


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