We are using the stream class scheduler to play a list of items that include file based mp4s and live encoded RTMP streams from a Teradek Cube.

So set up goes:

Teradek Cube RTMP Encoder >
Wowza Streamclass Scheduler > Wowza Transcoder > VLC
MP4 H.264 Files>

The transcoded output of our schedule looks fine and transitions ok from live stream to file, but from file to live stream there is a pause of about a second and sometimes picture breakup.

I'm guessing this is caused by one of two things: the playlist change from file to live simple won't work with the transcoder OR there is a difference in codec parameters between the file and live stream.

I know that the transcoder can't handle certain changes such as variations in codec, so I've matched my encoding parameters as closely as possible but its not enough. I still get glitches on the transition. In the output of the console the only message I see the transcoder reporting a display different aspect ratio - which I believe it should be able to handle.

Other things I've tried include changing the transcoder sort buffer which is now at 8000. This only helped a little. I've also tried setting up a second Wowza server to received the RTMP live stream and pre-transcode before sending to the the main wowza server. No improvement either.

As a side note, if I play back the stream without the transcoder the transition are seamless in VLC, presumably because it can adapt to the changes better.

Any suggestions on what more I could try? Or is there a known limitation?