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Thread: Recording duration (sum of chunks)

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    Default Recording duration (sum of chunks)


    Assume we have a live stream from IP camera.
    Let its name be:
    We record this stream by duration (liveStreamRecordSegmentDuration)

    We use default file version naming convention for recorded files

    Assume we started recording at 13.18.01.
    At 13.40.01 we loat connection with IP camera.
    At 15.18.01 connection was reestablished.

    So we get 2 recordings with some chunks:

    Recordinng I: _2013-01-11- _2013-01-11-
    ... _2013-01-11-

    Recordinng II: _2013-01-11- _2013-01-11-
    ... _2013-01-11-


    How to find duration of the recording? (starting from the 1st chunk till the last one)

    Any ideas, appreciated

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    The easiest way to find the duration of a single .MP4 file is to play it, a player should instantly tell you the duration of the file.
    If you're using a Windows operating system then you could [right-click], "Properties" > "Details" which will provide the duration if the file you're looking at.

    If you're asking what the total duration is when adding all the individual files together, I think this is something you would have to manually calculate.
    A helpful tip if you're using Windows, is to drag and drop the files into VLC player. This will show the the duration of all the files in the playlist when not playing them.
    If this doesn't happen by default in the player, click "View" > "Playlist" to show the playlist which will show all the files which have been added.

    Then you can simply add up each duration to get the total you require.


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