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    Hi there ... I'm facing a project which I still don't know if it will possible or not ... so, I'm dropping it out here for suggestions and comments

    I have a couple of camera streams coming in and a module to control which stream goes out as master, which is what final users watch. A camera operator module, per say. All works fine so far

    Now, problem we are facing is that not all streams are in-sync in absolute time ... Due to all encoding and transmission factors involved, one stream can be a couple of seconds behind the others in terms of absolute time ... so when I switch from one stream to the one behind, users see a couple of sec of repeated content (Even it's from a different angle) and when I switch off this stream, there are a couple of secs lost.

    So, is there a way to get streams in sync in the application based on timestamp of streams? For instance, based on stream that is more behind in time, force the other ones to buffer, so they all get in-sync for the output?

    Thanks for input/thoughts


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    Unfortunately I don't think there is a way of doing this from the Wowza side. If you need multiple cameras to by in sync with each other then I recommend you use an encoder which supports multiple source streams and send them all together which may give them the same or very similar time stamps which would resolve this issue. I think the Telestream Wirecast encoder has this functionality and would be a good starting place for testing.
    As all the streams will still be getting published as individual streams the Module you have should still work.

    It would be great if you could update us with any progress you make.


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    Thanks Jason for the prompt reply ... Unfortunately, I can't use sync'd encoder sessions (I'm able to release much info about the project) ... so, I'll have to deal with the streams as they come.
    We have some ideas how to try to deal with this rewriting some Wowza modules. I just need to probe that Wowza is the product for this project (there are other media servers like Flussonic being analyzed)

    I'll keep you posted if I get any positive achievement


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