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Thread: ios feed all black?

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    Default ios feed all black?

    Hi Im rebroadcasting and IP camera and using the <LiveStreamPacketizers>cupertinostreamingpacketizer</LiveStreamPacketizers>

    the video plays fine on computer but the ios version plays in a all black screen...

    could this be due to that the ip camera is set to 15fps?

    Thank you!

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    I would check the log files for any clues as to what the problem may be. When packetizing the stream for cupertino steaming you will see a/v/k followed by the duration in the logs, this is audio/video/keyframes and time in ms.
    Post this in the thread if you can find it in the logs, this will be helpful. If the stream is H.264 video, AAC/MP3 audio, profile is baseline - level 3.0, it has a frame rate of 15 or above and has a keyframe interval of 1-4 seconds it should be okay playing from an Apple iOS device or another client which supports cupertino. I tend to check streams using VLC which supports cupertino streaming (use the same HTTP URL as you would for the iOS device).

    It's work increasing the frame rate if you have all the other settings as above and you're not able to find any indication in the logs as to what the problem may be and it doesn't play correctly.
    I generally set the frame rate to 25 FPS when I'm publishing a stream.


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