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Thread: Problem with Internet network

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    Default Problem with Internet network

    I download and install Wowza Media Server 3 Trial Edition, I'm configure Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2. everything works fine
    on the Web browser on an android application.
    but streaming works just on computers and Smartphone conecter on the same IP address.
    When I conect my second PC and my Smartphone to another internet network I receive no streaming.

    can you help me please

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    It could be that port 1935 is either blocked by a firewall or not properly mapped in your network (e.g. port forwarding in your router) to your Wowza server.


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    My firewall windows disable.
    I'm trying to configure my router.
    otherwise what's the steps to follow to work with a domain name, because I did not understand the tutorial in
    I'm sorry for my English. I'm from Belgium I speak French.

    thank you

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    Default with show you how to set up your router.

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    There is nothing to configure as far as domain name is concerned, you can use:
    Just like you would use:
    http://localhost, or http://123.456.7.8

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