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Thread: Performance expectations of MediaCache addon

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    Default Performance expectations of MediaCache addon

    I have installed and tested the MediaCache addon connecting to my S3 bucket by creating a new application and configuring it and the mediacache setup files as per the installation instructions included with the addon. I found that even with a single video being played (2Mbps 720p h.264-encoded .f4v), the player (Flowplayer) took a few seconds longer to queue up. This is with an empty cache. Is this typical behavior? Or should I barely be able to notice a difference between a MediaCache loaded video from S3 and local disk resident video if MediaCache is configured properly?

    Also, how does MediaCache behave for adaptive streams? Does it only cache the chunks of video at the quality that the user is watching at any given time? So we wind up with a few files partially cached? Or will it fully cache all the files referenced by the SMIL?

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    What you are probably noticing is a slow transfer rate between S3 and your Wowza instance.

    MediaCache transfers the file in blocks from S3 as it is requested so will only transfer the portion of the file that is actually watched. S3 tends to prefer less frequent and larger block transfers so you may see an improvement by setting the DefaultBlockSize to a larger value in your MediaCache.xml. Try 2M as a starting point. You should also increase the MaxTimeToLive setting to around 24 hours (assuming that you have enough local storage to handle 24 hours worth of video) so that once an item is cached, it remains cached.

    Even when using a smil file, only the actual content that is requested will be fetched from S3 so you may end up with partially cached files.


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