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    Default Wowza In CDN Problem

    Hey guys
    I have a really big issue and I don't know how to solve it.
    We are using wowza in CDN network. For the pilot phase we have two Wowza. One of them we are using it as origin server and the other is edge node.
    We have one redirection server. It means when your request come from somewhere special, redirection server will redirect your request from region server to edge node. But when you change to URL the player return Error no 2048.
    For example this link is redirection server: http://RedirectionServer:1935/vod/sm...l/manifest.f4m
    Usually it will redirect your request to: http://WowzaRegionServer:1935/vod/sm...l/manifest.f4m
    And when you request came from somewhere special, it should redirect you to: http://WowzaMediaCacheServer:1935/vo...l/manifest.f4m
    But when the redirection thing happens, player return error no 2048.
    How can I solve this problem?
    Please help me. I have a really tight time and I should do it really fast.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Does the redirection involve Wowza in some way? As long as the player is redirected to a working edge it should work.


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    do the streams work fine if you open the player pointing to each of the Wowza servers? (to be sure your Wowza are fine)
    Check deeply the player side (which player are you using?) ... many flash player don't support redirection from the player itself ... it's a security thing

    First, I'd check the streams individually, and then I'd follow redirections with http calls without using a player to identify the source of the error

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    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes. Both Wowza servers work fine. One of them is normal streaming and the other uses MediaCache add-on.
    I want to link to the first and it automatically redirect it to the second one.
    Does Wowza have such a thing to do that. How can I use Wowza in CDN? How can I redirect from region server to the edge server?

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    as far as I know, you'll have to write your own module to do that. If you are trying to build a CDN for streaming, the layer for re-directing the stream to the right edge shouldn't rely on the streaming server. You usually do that at DNS layer or even at application layer that detects the ip of user, and using a location mapping table you send user to right edge. Again, if you want, you can build that on a module in Wowza, but my humble opinion is you shouldn't do that on the streaming servers. Just my thoughts though

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    Thanks again for your reply.
    We did it before on DNS layer. But I don't know where the error come from?
    Copy link below and try it on Wowza sliverlight player. (or any other player)
    Stream URL: http://RedirectionServer:1935/vod/sm....smil/Manifest

    First link redirect you to http://WowzaRegionServer:1935/vod/sm....smil/Manifest, But the player returns "Stream Error: Fail to download manifest: d".

    I don't really know where the problem come from. Because when you paste this URL (http://RedirectionServer:1935/vod/sm....smil/Manifest) to the browser it'll return true manifest file content.
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